Barrie movers furniture advice for moving day

These Barrie movers know how to keep your furniture safe on moving day.

NP Movers has been moving people across Ontario for over 20 years, earning many positive reviews. They’ve seen furniture and goods of all shapes and sizes and know how to keep it safe throughout the process.

The Barrie movers share furniture advice for moving day below.

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Barrie movers furniture advice

Should we empty the dresser drawers?Yes, we recommend emptying the drawers as this reduces the weight of the dresser. The weight reduction makes it safer to handle when moving.
Can I use open-top boxes?It’s not recommended to use boxes without lids or tops. Items will fall out and become damaged or broken. Insurance doesn’t cover damage to items in open-top boxes. 
Do we have to remove the legs/pedestals off kitchen/dining room tables?Yes, if you don’t remove legs/pedestals off tables this takes up too much space on the truck. Also, with legs/pedestals off the table, it’s easier to maneuver the table through the home and doorways.
Should we empty filing cabinets?Yes, if the filing cabinet is full it can twist and damage the drawers inside while we are moving it.
Can we help load the truck?No, the customer isn’t allowed on the ramp or the back of the truck due to insurance purposes.
Can the mover help me carry something out?No, we’re unable to move items with the customer’s assistance due to insurance purposes.
If we’re not packed on the day of the move can the movers pack boxes for us?No, the movers aren’t packers and are unable to do so.
If there is a delay in getting the key to my new home do I still have to pay the mover for waiting?Yes, key delays are beyond our control. As soon as we start work we are on the clock until the truck is offloaded at your new home.
I have expensive artwork. Do I have to put them in picture boxes?Expensive artwork should be placed in picture boxes. It isn’t insured if it’s not properly placed in picture boxes. If you have artwork of extraordinary value it’s recommended you declare it and purchase additional insurance. You could also move it yourself if possible.

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