Moving Tips 101

garage-sale-sign-webThere’s lots to think about when you are beginning to prepare for a move. If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve provided this handy list of things that you might not have thought about doing before your big move.

  • Clear out unwanted goods – hold garage sale.
  • Get rid of flammables – paints, petrol, gas cylinders.
  • Empty fuel from mowers, clippers, trimmers and so on.
  • Clothes – do you need them all? Charity shops may want them.
  • Separate books – disposable, family reading, valuable.
  • Check all electrical goods – will they work in my new home?
  • Start making up your change of address list.
  • Arrange to have mail forwarded.
  • Arrange termination date for electricity, gas, oil, telephone and other main supplies.
  • If you are taking electrical goods such as a stereo, see if you still have their original boxes.
  • Have rugs cleaned.
  • Round up personal documentation – marriage/birth certificates, driving licenses and so on.
  • With regards to family pets – make sure vaccinations and documentation are up to date.
  • Will your new home be ready? If not, you need to arrange temporary storage.
  • Start running down freezer stocks.
  • Arrange your finances – close or transfer bank accounts, savings accounts and so on, if necessary.